Matre er er godt utgangspunkt for Sykkelturer i Stølsheimen Vest

Welcome to Matre and Stordalen - North of Bergen
BergFritid is an activiety organizer easily reached along E39, ca one hour north of Bergen. Matre and Stordalen is an ideal start eighter you want to walk in the mountains, bike along light trafficked road or mora challanging activiteis as mountain biking, bouldering, abseiling or kayacking..

Mountain viewIn Norwegian Footsteps: Guided tour filled with biking, walking, a boat trip, nature and culture. Food is also included. Read More:

SVCyclist Welcome: Slow down - Use bike to explore the Norwegian fjords and mountains north of Bergen. The best of all: "The Fjord Cycling Route - 5 days" Read More

Hire a cabin: Nice cabin in Stordalen for hire. Ideal for one or two families. At least two nights. Read more